Once I've finished winding the warp, I need to tie it to be ready for the dyeing and to take it off the warping board. I put a tie through the cross, a choke tie between the cross and the end and another choke tie near the other end. I'm trying to put loose ties on the top legs of the cross to help with opening the cross, but I was not taught to do that and I just keep forgetting, but I will keep trying. I then will put in alot of loose ties to help keep the yarns both in place and tangle free for dyeing. The ties that I use for dyeing purposes are then removed after dyeing. I will then very loosely chain the warp as I remove it from the board. Once I have multiple chains, I will then start getting them ready for the dyeing process.

First they need to be washed. This should remove any dirt, oil, wax or any other substance that would keep the yarn from being dyed. I then let them dry some or totally. I will then soak the warps in a solution that will allow the dyes to adhere to the yarns. After soaking the warps, I will then squeeze out as much excess solution as I can. Sometimes I will dye the warps while they are still wet and other times I will first let them dry. The way that the colors look will vary with the dampness or dryness of the warp when I apply the dyes.

The dyeing process is next.