I've been meaning to start doing this for a while now and decided today was the day. Since I can't sell in person right now, I thought this would be a good way to tell you about the way that my warps are dyed and to answer any questions.

I have been dyeing my warps one at a time so that each one is different. When it was just me weaving them that was good, but now that I am selling them, I am going to start dyeing several at the same time. It will only be a few since I don't have much space to work in, but there will be some options on the number of ends available. Each one will still be different since the way that I do my dyeing is not planned as to where each color is and the color changes just happen where they will, but the colors will be the same. I will also be dyeing some skeins with more yards per skein. I'm hoping that doing it this way will let me dye more frequently.

I will also start explaining different ways that you can use the warps for different effects and I'll try to show examples when I can.

These are some warps and skeins that I've just finished dyeing and they are available for sale now.

Here are the next warps that I will be dyeing. They are a rayon krinkle.